Retirement Benefits

When you wish to take your retirement benefits, it is a good idea to find out all the options open to you.

There is a broad range of choices including:

1. Taking the maximum Tax-Free Cash you can and leaving the balance invested;

2. Taking an annuity which will guarantee you an income for life;

3. Taking a temporary annuity to provide income, or growth, for a specific period of time.

As independent financial advisers, not only can we advise you on all of your options, but we can assist you in choosing the best retirement products from across the marketplace.

State Pension

State pension benefits are also important. You can obtain your State Pension forecast by calling the Future Pension Centre on 0845 3000168 or going online to

Contact us now by telephone (01342 313302), email ( or use the Online Enquiry facility on the right hand side of this page.

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