Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover

Life Assurance

The cost of life assurance varies greatly among companies. As independent financial advisers, we can look for the most competitive rates and save you a great deal of money, giving you the peace of mind that your family will be provided for.

Life assurance can be used to protect your family, your business and even your estate. There is a large variety of other risks that life assurance is used to protect against. For example, a mother acting as a surrogate mother for another should have life assurance to protect her own family.

Critical Illness Cover

Life assurance only pays out upon the death of the policy holder. Critical Illness Insurance pays out when you are diagnosed as having a major disease, such as a heart attack or cancer. In this way the money is made available to you while you are living, and when you most need it.

Our advisers can take you through the different policies and help you choose between them – ensuring that in the event of a crisis of Health, you will be secure.

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